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Welcome to the site with the most advanced knowledge about technology and innovation, on this site you will be able to find information and software tools related to innovation, science and technology. is a laboratory of innovation and creativity dedicated to the creation of new technologies derived from innovative ideas. These technologies are developed through software design and development aiming support activities related to science and technology.

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About the team

We are a team of innovators that seek to create tools to promote technological, social and business innovation through entrepreneurship. For the creation of these tools we use the best practices in software engineering and technology management.

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For years we have analyzed what technology means and we have concluded that technology is pure knowledge that causes wellness in society and we also have concluded that knowledge is what we seek to create day by day and we want to spread it through our software and hardware applications.

About the innovation

For us, the definition of innovation is very simple, and it is based in causing the greatest possible impact through the knowledge we generate. Our purpose is basically to transform the knowledge we have in benefit of everyone so that we can meet the needs of society.


In order to contribute to the global technological development, we have decided to start with our innovative projects in the area of educational innovations. For this reason, we chose to begin with the launch of our first innovative product, the Math Plus Ultra algebraic calculator, with this product we want to help engineering students and scientist when it comes to perform complicated calculations such as solving integrals or derivatives or making matrix calculations.

At the moment, we are focused on creating tools related to science, technology and innovation. If you want to support us in our mission, you can do so by leaving your comments, we will be happy to respond.

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María Isabel Henao Betancur
Telecommunications engineer
Finance Specialist

Pablo Andrés Henao Betancur
Electronic engineer
Specialist in Technology and Innovation Management
Master in Technology Management



Educational applications created by INNOVADOR.CO

Math Plus Ultra (Graphing Programable Calculator)
Math Plus Ultra (Graphing Programable Calculator)

Math Plus Ultra is a graphing programable calculator with a large set of functions